In homage for National say something nice day today, the 1st June we thought we’d tell you about a few of the other jewellers we admire, greatly respect and inspire us. Here, we are going to share the jewellery love.


Wallace Chan is Hong Kong based with an extraordinary biography of how he developed his skills. We were lucky enough to be in the audience when he lectured at the V and A Museum in London. I find the word Jeweller very broad to cover a multitude of qualities and skill sets. Here I do not think that term justifies his craftsmanship. Personally we would describe Wallace Chan as an artist and innovator that just so happens he uses his skills in mostly fine metals and gemstones. He is a ground breaker in the jewellery world not letting the difficulty of capturing his eye catching visions halt him in any way. Below are a mere speck of jewellery that entices us. His use of tactile 3D forms and brilliant, vibrant and intense gemstones leave you thirsting to see more.

Origin 31 selected their favourite Wallace Chan pieces of jewellery

Fabergé was introduced to us at the beginning of our goldsmithing life when you can truly appreciate the workmanship that has gone into a piece. Hours and hours of dedication the master goldsmiths would have had to achieve the artwork they aimed for. It’s highly likely you would have heard of the original Fabergé, they are in the history books for their commission work for the Russian Tsars; this is where the Fabergé eggs originated. Due to historic events with the Russian Tsars it is also why the original Fabergé pieces are such rarities. When you put it into context with the era that they made those pieces it is truly astounding the faultless pieces they made. Below is the Lily of the Valley Egg with a mechanism to push the photos above the egg once pressed. Did you also know Fabergé created delicate flowers, very lifelike in their delicacy and appearance? Lastly Fabergé pieces exude class and elegance, this pill box shows that.

The pieces ofd Faberge jewellery that Origin 31 admires

Hemmerle; they produce fun designs with fabulous colour using all of the skills open to a high end jeweller whilst also using skills and materials often deemed too cheap. They question the concept of ‘what is luxury’, this philosophy is what we love. They can use aluminium, or copper whilst teaming that with a finely cut fine quality gemstone. We always look forward to their next ‘fine jewellery’ concept. Below are examples of their work, utilising mismatched clashing colours to get attention, or using an everyday natural nature concept, with a natural feel into a sense of luxury or lastly mixing everyday Mother Nature materials of wood with the vibrant colours of tourmalines on complementary tones. Hemmerle always keep you on your toes with their next masterpieces.

The 3 pieces of Hemmerle Jewellery that Origin 31 thinks represents their fine jewellery concept

JAR is a moniker of a Jeweller called Joel Arthur Rosenthal. He has found a home in Paris next to Place Vendome. He is said to be the Fabergé of this era and his prices reflect that. Is it worth the money? Well, yes. He is a jeweller not shy of breaking the rules and creating what he fancies. I wonder what his next marvel will be… No one will know unless you are in his exclusive circle. He produces delicate, intricate flowers to 60’s colour block style handkerchief earrings or opulent pearl and diamond earrings. Variety is the spice of life as they say.

The JAR jewellery that inspires Origin 31These 4 marvels are only a few of the people we admire and respect, if you get an opportunity in viewing any of their work I would thoroughly recommend it. The sky truly is the limit with jewellery we have only just begun our experimenting, take a look

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