We take the utmost care and attention during the development and manufacturing process to negate the risk of repair and maintain a high level of quality control. Nevertheless, should the rare need for repair arise please contact us at info@origin31.com. Repairs due to faulty workmanship are undertaken at no charge for 12 months from the delivery date.

All metal items convey their core feature i.e. silver is a silver colour, gold is a gold colour. All our collection items are solid silver. Items are in order to alter their surface finish and colour. This surface finish wears over time and the duration of wear depends on the wearer and the nature of the piece. Plating on rings will wear more quickly on rings as opposed to necklaces due to the position on the body and the everyday use of that body part. The hardest known substance to man is a diamond and even those can chip. Gemstones set in rings are more likely to chip and break compared to necklaces and earrings but it all depends on the wearer.

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