Framed Gold Necklace


The Framed 18ct Gold necklace is a truly personalised jewel; we have all seen cherished works of art crafted by your child lovingly placed on the fridge, or tucked away for a rainy day when reminiscing over nostalgic items. We can immortalise your child's masterful artwork in fine jewellery. There is no need to tuck it away, wear your little artists unique work every day.

To place an order please pre-order your gold necklace and then we will contact you for an image of your little ones art work and then get to work in our Surrey Workshop.

The Custom Necklace Details;

  • Metal;  Fairmined 18ct gold pendant and recycled gold chain with vitreous enamel
  • Chain Details; 1.2mm gauge 18 inch trace chain with the ability to shorten to 16 inches.
  • CraftsmanshipThis custom necklace is completely handmade, each stroke of enamel is painstakingly painted in order to replicate your chosen picture.
  • Measurements; The pendant measures 25mm x 20mm with a total weight of 8.3gms
  • Personalisation; This is a custom jewel through and through with it containing your sentimental picture created by your child, for even more personalisation we can create a custom frame shape if you prefer an oval shape for example.  Speak to us about your ideas.
  • Pre-Orders;  This is a preorder item as this is a total custom piece.  It will take 6 weeks to create as the enamelling is a labour of love.  As this is made just for your with your chosen picture it is not suitable for a return or refund.  We can video call wearing the sample silver piece to put into context what it looks like.  We can also dispatch the sample to any UK based clients to see our sample in the flesh.

Ethically Made Personalised Gold Necklace For Ultimate Sentimentality

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