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Are you indecisive? Fancy something which you can personalise to your current mood? Well these Janus earrings can do just that. On one side of an earring the form is carefully sculpted to be a smiley face, on the reverse with the change in a few angles the smiley face is no more and you are looking at an upset frown. Choose what you tell everyone else; will it be all smiles facing people?

These earrings have a stunning flow to them with the silver leading from the nape of the neck around all the sensual curves on the face to the forehead where it leads into a drop hook. They are very easy drop earrings to put through the lobe and are really comfortable to wear as they are light weight. These earrings have a polished finish which means they shine out through the hair, glimmering through. Due to the ease of wear and comfortable feel these are our go to earrings when we roll out of bed, bed hair in place, jeans and a t shirt are on and we are on the move; fuss free!

As these are an everyday pair of earrings they make a perfect gift for your, girlfriend, daughter, wife or anyone. They arrive in our very smart and modern gift boxes to suddenly open it to the earrings on display. To keep the earrings safe and that they don’t get lost we recommend putting them back in their box. Better safe than sorry!

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Dimensions 3.3 x 0.15 x 1.2 cm


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