Origin 31 Ethical Fine Jewellery

We started from the idea that jewellery and personalisation should be creative, conceptual, imaginative and expressive.  Origin 31 design our colourful jewels from concept to a beautiful  reality all handmade in the UK. Colourful jewels should have no restriction, it’s an extension of your personality, so should become a treasured part of you.

The Origin 31 collection is our way to illustrate that wearable ethical fine jewellery can still be vibrant and individualised by offering customisable options within our main ethical fine jewellery collection.  For the ultimate way to personalise, we collaborate with our customers through a bespoke jewellery service and begin a jewellery journey together to create a story with your heirloom jewellery, handmade in the UK from start to finish.

Origin 31 has 20 years of experience as trained goldsmiths, a diamond diploma and working at various fine jewellery and fashion houses within production, design and development that enables us to turn any concept into reality using any media. Mother Nature is a constant source of inspiration, and we delight in using the most captivating of ethical gemstones and metals. We apply constant and considered attention to detail, which results in crafting ethical fine jewellery of the utmost quality as ready to wear colourful jewels or bespoke jewellery.

Inspiration can come from anyone, anything and anywhere which is why we feel our colourful jewels can be created for anyone, with any material; there are no constraints, only freedom to express individuality. Through a passion for education we aim to provide our clientele with guidance on the creative journey be it customisation or bespoke jewellery, so they can be fully immersed into their story and the process, which results in a personalised, wearable work of art handmade in the UK. At Origin 31 we take pride and pleasure in creating precious colourful jewels that are truly sentimental and become modern family heirlooms and part of your history.


Origin 31 design and make creative and conceptual fine jewellery. Jewellery without boundaries, full of inspiration, made with the finest craftsmanship, that become modern day heirlooms. All gems are from trusted merchants to ensure only ethical stones are used in the collections. Origin 31 values ethical 3rd world development and its impact on global resources.