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A childs painting handpainted in fine jewellery using enamel and 18ct yellow gold

We have all seen cherished works of art crafted by your child lovingly placed on the fridge, or tucked away for a rainy day when reminiscing over nostalgic items.  We can immortalise your child's mas

A childs sketch seen with its fine jwellery transformation

This little lady wanted to draw her family in her picture and she also loves colour so she drew a bight rainbow into her sketch.  Using enamelling expertise we were able to transform her family sk

Liquorice Allsorts Pendant close up of enamel and gold

Love it or loathe it we all know Liquorice Allsorts, remind yourself of sweets your Grandma used to give you. Available in the typical orange, pink or yellow colourways like the sweets Create your own

Sherbert Pip Studs made from molten gold

Some sweetness to decorate your ears. Understated but always interesting organic shapes. Perfect for everyday or choose them with a few sparkly stones. Sold as a pair with butterfly fittings. Total we

Sherbert Pip Ring perfect to wear everyday

A delicate sugar hit to wear on the finger.  Hand crafted using molten gold to create the tactile texture of a sherbert pip.  Cherish those moments from your childhood when your grandparents spoiled

Sherbert Pip Choker Necklace around the nape of the neck

Long day?  Most of us need a sugar fix at some point.  So have this as a calorie free treat, a little nugget of sweetness around your neck teamed with some diamond sparkle.  Chain measures 16 inc

Wired Earrings, a modern take on a hoop earring

From the front they appear very minimal with a sparkling diamond to grab your attention and then you look from the side. Creating a concept from the electric wire game, get zapped as you move the rod

Hoola Hoop Large Earrings worn on the lobe

To really make a statement pick these large hoop earrings. Inspired by child the child hood game of the same name. To give you a idea of size the circles are 6cm wide, perfect to make a statement.  S

Hoola Hoop Medium Earrings handmade in Surrey

Hoops are and links are very on trend for 2019.  Here we capture those concepts with these modern hoops inspired by its name sake the hold hoop game.   The circle is 3cm diameter, to give you an id

Hoola Hoop Small Earrings made by a surrey goldsmith

The name gives away the concept behind these everyday earrings. A petite size which can be added to with your birthstone  (as pictured here with the pearl dropper). The circle on this modern hoop is

The Wedge featuring a rainbow of gemstones set in yellowgold

Can you guess the classic dinner party game of answering questions, this ring should give you a clue. Each of the gem stones represents a wedge as inspired by Trivial Pursuit, the game. You have preci

Fidget Ring crafted in enamel and gold by a Surrey goldsmith

Did you ever play with one of slider puzzles when you were young? Get a jewellery version, when you are bored it’s a great source of entertainment. Available in 9ct or 18ct gold. The ring pictured i

Candy Rock Ring available to be customised in your choice of colours

Two sticks of rock frame your finger. The rock features the typical enticing spiral pattern made out of rainbow colours of lacquer. Made to your finger size. 9ct and 18ct yellow gold available as sta

Candy Rock Gold Necklace for colour on a rainy day

Inspired by the sweet rock sticks when you are on holiday by the sea. Wear a little nostalgia. Crafted in precious metal with lacquer colours. Crafted in 9ct and 18ct yellow gold as standard. Total l

Candy Rock Earrings like the sweet you get at the seaside, celebrate childhood holidays

Add a bit of colour to your day celebrating a classic British sweet, a stick of rock.  Symmetrical in design with the rock candy spiral pattern but asymmetric in enamel in rainbow colours. Sold as a

Haribo Ring hndmade in silver and enamel looking just like the sweet

Did you ever pretend you were engaged when you were younger with a Haribo ring. Here is your opportunity, use it as a alternative engagement or proposal ring.  Simply just wear one as it is nostalgic

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