Zodiac Star Sign of Scorpio And Their Birth Stone

Scorpio is your star sign if you were born between September 24th and October 23rd. Scorpio’s main characteristics are related to power and self-control, and they tend to take leadership positions, being great at motivating others and demanding respect. Often secretive and mysterious, Scorpios are also clever, focused, ambitious and competitive. They also never give […]

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All about; Opals

We already covered opals in a birthstone post, but this week we want to focus in on the more technical aspects of this unique stone: the different types, colours, and where in the world they can be found. Opal is made when rain soaks into very dry, desert-like ground, like you find in the outback […]

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It Gets Fiery with the October Birthstone; Opal

“Perhaps against no other gem has the bigotry of superstitious ignorance so prevailed as against the wonderful opal.” – Isidore Kozminsky, 1922, ‘The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones’ Last week’s post covered the birthstones for Libra. This week, we want to focus in on one stone in particular: Opal. This stone is so […]

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Do you Librans know what your birthstones are?

You are a Libra if your birthday falls between September the 24th and October 23rd. As an Air sign, Libras tend to be high thinking people with a strong intellect and sharp mind. Libras tend to love discussion, a good book or thought provoking film, and great music. Libras are also known for being loving […]

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Who are the artists of the Jewellery World?

In homage for National say something nice day today, the 1st June we thought we’d tell you about a few of the other jewellers we admire, greatly respect and inspire us. Here, we are going to share the jewellery love.   Wallace Chan is Hong Kong based with an extraordinary biography of how he developed […]

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