Virgo’s have more than a Sapphire Birthstone

Last week, we wrote about the Virgo star sign and why sapphire jewellery could be the perfect fit for all you detail-obsessed, exacting (and wonderful) Virgos. This week, I want to go into more detail about the other stones we mentioned in the post that are also associated with Virgo: carnelian, jade, jasper, and moss […]

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How to pick your chain length?

We ladies always take great delight in having a varied wardrobe. When different necklines are worn different length pendants or chokers are also worn that best compliment that outfit. Here is a guide on where different chain lengths hang.   One of the standard length chains are available in 16 inches. 16 inches lie just […]

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The Origin of Origin 31 Jewellery

  We are over the moon how well received our designs have been given that we launched only half a year ago. Hence we thought about giving you a bit more detail how these designs originated and how we developed the jewellery into the pieces you love.   Backbone jewellery We have already mentioned that […]

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