What Planetary Stone are you?

Not many people have heard of Planetary stones, they will bring out positive aspects of your star sign.  The more and more we delve into the holistic side of gemstones the more and more this vast world is opening up and is always food for thought when we are designing our very own bespoke ethical jewellery.

There is so much to be aware of and can help if you have an ailment or problem within everyday life; be it stress, health issues, relationship issues, there is a stone for literally everything. We have explored the possibilities that you can use birthstones for and birthstones by hour too. We have started explaining about Stones of the Zodiac so another couple of aspects are Planetary gemstones and Talisman stones, all of which are great concepts to begin a jewellery design and ultimately create our bespoke ethical jewellery.

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Planetary Gemstones originate from ancient beliefs, in particular the Ayurvedic and Tantric texts. The day on which you were born dictates your Zodiac, each Zodiac sign has a ruling planet. People believe that there is a correlation between the planet and its corresponding stone. You can harness the energy and positivity of your ruling planetary stone which is why wearing jewellery featuring your planetary gemstone is popular.  


Gemstones and their corresponding planet, as a source of inspiration for bespoke jewellery designs


The Planetary Stones;

  • The Sun is represented by Amber and apparently enhances our leadership skills and is the ruling planet of Leo. It keeps our will strong and our ability to set an example and go forth. It encourages independence, confidence, ambition and resistance.
  • Mercury is signified by Hematite and is the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo. This stone relates to the mind and its clarity. It aids mental stimulation, alertness, control and communication.
  • Venus is symbolised by Jasper and is the ruling planet of Taurus and Libra. Some times in life you can be a creature of comfort, nervous around new experiences and surroundings. Here you can increase your confidence, grace and charm.
  • Earth is characterised by Azurite. It enables you to have a better sense of the now and to keep you grounded, being aware of what is around you.
  • Moon is denoted by Mother of Pearl which stabilises your emotions and is the ruling planet of Cancer. It enhances your mental strength, friendliness and eases unease. You can get a greater sense on contentment.
  • Mars is represented by carnelian and is the ruling plant of Aries. This is a powerful planetary stone, the more you wear the stronger the feelings. It is one to promote courage, energy and positivity when in a confrontation.
  • Jupiter is characterised by Agate and is the ruling planet of Sagittarius. When you are surrounded with decisions and dilemmas this can help as Jupiter is supposed to aid wisdom, compassion, enthusiasm and joyfulness.
  • Saturn is signified by Tiger’s eye and is the ruling planet of Capricorn. Saturn brings about stamina, practicality and also enable you to detach yourself from current surroundings if needed.
  • Uranus is symbolised by Aventurine and is the ruling planet of Aquarius. It taps into your sense of freedom and independence. It makes you consider things you once thought improbable.
  • Neptune is represented by Sodalite and is the ruling planet of Pisces. You can address your feelings from within better, gives you a better understanding on psychological aspects.
  • Pluto is denoted by Red Jasper, known for the path to new beginnings and horizons in all walks of like and is the ruling planet of Scorpio. It encourages transformation.


Like most aspects of holistic gemstones and Zodiac related themes there are often a multitude of stones which can represent the same subject. It is the same in this case. The stones listed are the modern day examples. Back in Ayurvedic and Tantric texts the name for Planetary stones are the Navaratna stones which is another topic in itself. Our thoughts of this for holistic reasons whilst we are not firm believers in this field it doesn’t hurt to try and again is a great way for personalisation and building bespoke ethical jewellery.    

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