Showcasing Our Wedge Essential Jewellery

We all have jewellery lying by the side of our bed, the pieces that we love and adore, sentimental pieces or essential jewellery if you like that we constantly turn to as our go to for every day.  It was that concept that we used to drive us to create our own essential jewellery. Most people have a selection of stud earrings for a bit of lighthearted sparkle, or necklaces you can quickly put on whilst running out the door late for work, lastly bracelets to jazz up your wrist. We wanted to create our own jewellery essentials to satisfy those needs. 

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 The wedge ring, the concept behind the essential jewellery collection

Our wedge ring is one of our best sellers, a simple design focusing on the beautiful and vibrant gemstones.  The shape was inspired by the childhood game of Trivial Pursuit that we saw our parents play at dinner parties when we were peering round corners when we should have been in bed.  The shape of the game pieces are wedge shapes.  So we experimented with the wedge ring and disassembled it into singular pieces and the wedge essential jewellery as we know it was born.

Amethyst stud earrings from our wedge essential jewellery collection 

The jewellery essentials that we have created are a pendant, a bracelet and earrings that you can wear from day to night, simple but effective, understated but eye-catching and captivating due to the colour from mother natures finest gemstones. All of the gemstones used are of a trillion shape cut, rubies, pink sapphire, blue sapphire, aquamarine, amethyst, citrine, fire opal, opal and tsavorite garnet.  The earrings also sold in singles because we wanted to give you the option to mix and match the colours (which we often do with our wedge stud earrings) or by selecting a pair in the same colour. They are also suitable for those who have multiple piercings on the year to pick your placement where you put the stud.

 Fire Opal bracelet from our wedge essential jewellery collection

All the essential jewels are crafted in our workshops in Surrey and London by our master Goldsmiths in recycled 9 carat yellow gold as standard. As we specialise in personalisation and customisation we can also craft these jewellery essentials in different colour golds, using 18 carat or even if you wanted to surround the wedge gemstone with some white diamonds for maximum glam then it’s all possible with us.

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