Did you know there are birthstones by day?

Here we will explain the birthstones by day but fear not we will be covering the birthstones of each month individually, giving you an overview of what to look out for in the stone quality, colours, chemical properties, folklore and more.   To recap, the birthstones for each month are;

January = Garnet
February = Amethyst
March = Aquamarine
April = Diamond
May = Emerald
June = Pearl, Alexandrite
July = Ruby
August = Peridot, Sardonyx, Spinel
September = Sapphire
October = Tourmaline, Opal
November = Topaz, Citrine
December = Tanzanite, Turquoise, Zircon

But did you know you can also get birthstones by day? No, well neither did we!

Monday; Pearl, Crystal ruled by the energy of the Moon
Tuesday; Ruby, Emerald ruled by energy of Mars
Wednesday; Amethyst, Lodestone ruled by the energy of Mercury
Thursday; Sapphire, Carnelian ruled by the energy of Jupiter
Friday; Emerald, Cat’s Eye ruled by the energy of Venus
Saturday; Turquoise, Diamond ruled by the energy of Saturn
Sunday; Topaz, Diamond ruled by the energy of the Sun


The energy of the day is usually defined astrologically by its ruling planet. To have a smoother ride on a particular day you can wear the gemstone. Perhaps to wash away all those Monday morning blues we should always wear a pearl or crystal? We wonder if this is a tad superstitious but nevertheless birthstones by day is a great way for more personalisation by way of customising one of our collection jewels or enabling our goldsmiths to handmade you own ethical bespoke jewel to represent you or your loved ones. You could wear one to represent yourself and others to represent other loved ones. It can’t hurt! The scope for designing when combining with birthstone by month is tremendous, but then you could also team it with birthstones by hour or by your appropriate Chinese year of animal. The choice is yours and what it signifies or heals.