Chinese Zodiac; About The Animals

Your Chinese Zodiac depends on the year in which you were born. This year the Chinese new year falls on Saturday 25th January.  For most Chinese people it is referred to as Spring Festival and it is deemed as the most important festival within China.  It is the first day if the chinese lunar calendar which falls between January 21st and February 20th of each year.  It counts moon cycles from one Spring or new year to the next.   2021 is the year of the Ox.  Chinese zodiacs can be seen as a jewellery talisman reflecting your personality traits.   To celebrate the birth of each new year it is represented by a zodiac animal, which are;

Ox 2021
Tiger 2022
Rabbit 2023
Dragon 2024
Snake 2025
Horse 2026
Goat 2027
Monkey 2028
Rooster 2029
Dog 2030
Pig 2031
Rat 2032


The Chinese Zodiac features 12 animals, which originally started with a rat. Along with the Zodiac animal you are also associated with one of the five elements: Fire, Wood, Water, Gold or Earth another set of jewellery talismans. It is believed that these two factors determine your destiny and impact your personality. We will explain in another blog post about the elemental signs but here are the personality traits of your Zodiac animal..... do the traits remind you of anyone?  

The Chinese Zodiac Animals;

People born in the year of the Monkey are generally known to be witty and intelligent.  They like playing jokes and can be quite mischievous.  Generally they are fast learners and make the most out of opportunities.  
If you know anyone who is pretty much the socialite of the group then chances are they were born in the year of the Rooster.  They like keeping active and popular within a crowd.  The are talkative, confident and honest.  Lastly, they are not afraid of a little hard work.  
Like a mans best friend these people are very loyal, they will obey the person they deem most important.  If you were born in the year of the dog, I bet you are good natured and like a bit of the quiet life?  
Generally, year of the pig people are compassionate and generous.  Once they turn their head to something they are very dedicated to try to achieve it.  They keep calm when a storm is brewing.  
Seem to be pretty, smart and lovely.  Put something in front of them and they are able to soon learn about it.  Rats are kind but can be a little blunt.  They keep active and like to attend different social events.  
Like its animal state people born in the Ox year are strong, dependable and determined.  Oxes have very strong outlooks and are family orientated people, traditional at heart.  
Brave, unpredictable which can be a good or bad trait.  Charming and well liked by peers but can be a bit stubborn at times.  A born leader.  
Year of the Rabbit people are pleasant to be around.  Gentle, quiet and elegant in their nature.  Quick and skilful when they need to be.  Cautious people at first but become very faithful after overcoming that barrier.  
A powerful person whom can be hot headed and quick to speak at times.  They have courage, intelligence and enthusiastic.  They are not afraid of life's challenges.  
Are very competitive and hate to fail.  They rely on their intelligence and wisdom.  Great thinkers and when they speak they are concise.  They are people who prefer to work alone.  
Their character is animated and active.  People born in the year of the Horse love to be around people, they thrive when centre stage and tend to be more cunning than intelligent.  

Mild mannered and shy, a goat is very discreet.  They have a strong feeling of justice and are very kind hearted.  Creative and professional to a T.   So what has all this got to do with jewellery design?  Well us designers take inspiration from anything, anyone and anywhere.  Chinese zodiacs is one of the classics a designer can look to where people like to personalise their jewellery as they are often seen as a jewellery talisman.  All designers have their own interpretation.  

We have our designs standing by to create but one step at a time for us as we have our nostalgic pieces from the Child's play collection people are loving at the moment.  Stay tuned, Chinese Zodiacs are on our to do list to create our jewellery talismans so watch this space.  In the mean time we can create a one of a kind ethical jewel if you can't wait?