Bespoke 5 stone eternity ring in platinum and diamond

5 Stone Half Eternity Ring

The jewellery design concept of a 5 stone eternity ring has been around for a while but it's an eternity ring that has many reasons for its creatio...

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Diamond trilogy necklace in white gold

Diamond Trilogy Necklace

A Diamond trilogy necklace is the perfect necklace to wear all day everyday and to wear from day to night.  That doesn't mean the design has to be ...

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Bespoke made Toi Et Moi Diamond Necklace in 18ct white gold

Toi Et Moi Diamond Necklace

Meanings behind jewellery designs are not always obvious, even here with this toi et moi diamond necklace. To anyone else apart from the wearer, an...

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Pearl Pendant as part of your wedding jewellery

Diamond And Pearl Pendant

A pearl pendant has featured in history adorning people at key moments such as Marie Antoinette's much loved drop pearl pendant packed up when she ...

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Diamond Infinity Necklace in white gold showing the mobius symbol

Diamond Infinity Necklace

Jewellery featuring the infinity symbol including this diamond infinity necklace are often represented by a continuous shape and form. This symbol ...

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A redesigned diamond ring handmade by Origin 31

A Redesigned Diamond Ring

Sometimes simplicity is best for a redesigned diamond ring.  Given that modern round cut diamonds are complex in themselves to throw off maximum sp...

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Ethically sourced  gemstones and gold

Ethically sourced gemstones and metals

Origin 31 Handmade jewellery handcrafted in the UK

Expertly handmade in the UK

Origin 31 gold jewellery is presented in sustainable gift boxes

Presented in sustainable gift boxes

Origin 31 ethical jewellery creates colour popping, fun loving jewels

Colour popping, fun loving jewels