A Simple Diamond Wedding Ring

You have your stunning engagement ring but what to choose for a wedding ring, is that you?  Clients very often say to me they are surprised about how  many wedding rings there are to choose from, that's so true! So I have 2 bits of advice for them;

  1. Try on every wedding ring in front of you as often wedding rings, just like engagement rings look totally different to you when its worn on the finger.
  2. Pick a wedding ring style that won't date, you will be wearing this ring for a very long time!
  3. Bear in mind the engagement ring is the wow factor on the finger.

This is a popular design for a bespoke wedding ring for all those reasons;  a simple gold band set with how ever many diamonds a client requests for a bit of sparkle but not overpowering. We have also started making these bespoke rings as stacker rings; clients like how these frame other decorative rings, again to add a little more sparkle.  

Need more wedding ring inspiration, have a look at these designs;


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