How to pick your chain length?

We ladies always take great delight in having a varied wardrobe. When different necklines are worn different length pendants or chokers are also worn that best compliment that outfit. Here is a guide on where different chain lengths hang.   One of the standard length chains are available in 16 inches. 16 inches lie just […]

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7 Facts about the Gemini and June Birthstone; Alexandrite

If you were born between May 21st and June 20th Gemini is your zodiac sign. For this star sign Alexandrite is your birthstone. Alexandrite is also the birthstone for babies born in the month of June. So here is a little bit about this unusual stone;   Originally found in the Ural Mountains in Russia […]

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Who are the artists of the Jewellery World?

In homage for National say something nice day today, the 1st June we thought we’d tell you about a few of the other jewellers we admire, greatly respect and inspire us. Here, we are going to share the jewellery love.   Wallace Chan is Hong Kong based with an extraordinary biography of how he developed […]

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