What you need to know about silver

Here at Origin 31 we love working with silver, the precious metal, as you can have the best of both worlds in respect to challenging and eye catching designs whilst not breaking the bank. You can manipulate this metal in so many ways to produce sculptures, miniatures, textures and the list goes on. We thought […]

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The Origin of Origin 31 Jewellery

  We are over the moon how well received our designs have been given that we launched only half a year ago. Hence we thought about giving you a bit more detail how these designs originated and how we developed the jewellery into the pieces you love.   Backbone jewellery We have already mentioned that […]

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What you need to know about the Diamond 4c’s before buying; A focus on Carat and Clarity

April is the month of diamond, its birthstone. Diamond is also the zodiac stone of Aries. You may have seen our earlier blog posts on the 4 C’s; the main characteristics of a diamond are cut, colour, clarity and carat. In this post we are looking at clarity and carat. Carat quite simply is the […]

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Colour of a diamond; the April Birthstone

So we did a past blog post on the cut of diamond and here we follow on to explain a little about the colour and clarity of a diamond. As mentioned in our last post we are advocates of the independent certification board the Gemmological Institute of America (this isn’t an ad and please see […]

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