7 Talismans you need to know about

A talisman stone is to enhance you natural personality traits, focusing you on the tasks and aim ahead. For this reason they are said to aid your success and fulfilment, (They shouldn’t be deemed as a ‘lucky stone’). Talismans have been around for centuries, in countless cultures and countries. Here is a little about what […]

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What Planetary Stone are you?

The more and more we delve into the holistic side of gemstones the more and more this vast world is opening up. There is so much to be aware of and can help if you have an ailment or problem within everyday life; be it stress, health issues, relationship issues, there is a stone for […]

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Aquamarine or an Amethyst for a Pisces?

If you are a Piscean that means you were born between February 19th and March the 20th. You are one of the water elements with a colour preference of Mauve, lilac, purple, sea-green and Violet. Pisces people are known for being creative, compassionate, calm and wise. This Zodiac is often represented by two fish swimming […]

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Birthstone of the Month; Amethyst

Amethyst is a wonderful stone as it is so versatile; you see it used as a piece of rough through to fully carved intricate pieces. It covers the spectrum of purples from delicate lilac colours right to the other end of regal aubergine. Here is a little more about the stone we love. The story […]

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