It all started with backbone

We have all had periods and situations in life which wear us down, you ride that metaphorical rollercoaster. Something drives you to soldier on…. you have found your backbone.

Backbone conveys itself; a sculptural and tactile 3D form representing the protective structure of vertebrae with some pieces leading to expose the spinal cord leaving a precarious heart swinging like a pendulum.


From the past, this is the present…. bring on the future

Janus, the Roman God with two faces looking from the past and to the future often seen to represent transitions, beginning and passages.

Formed by the outlined silhouette of a man or woman. One side features subtle details of a happy excited face, on the reverse other any angry grumpy mood. Which mood are you in, you decide?


The turning point

The origin of this idea lies in a sense of constriction and frustration to the extent that you snap. You take inspiration from that experience move on and change direction.

Apex contains subtle details within the knot, in particular the ‘strangle knot’ which latches itself to the shaft. The knot squeezes and wears down the shaft so much that the stones are practically exploding from the ends. The pressure is nearly too much, so lighten the load and wear something fun.

Have you seen…….


Origin 31’s ethos is to encourage to #letyoubeyou. We are a brand all about oozing personality bringing the fun yet stylish aspect into jewellery.

The brand is for anyone and everyone which is why in our photoshoots we never use ‘professional models’ all people used come from different walks of life. They turn up to the shoot being themselves, make up as they choose, clothing as they choose. Photos are organic and not contrived, we capture a spontaneous fun moment. To ensure the raw aspect of the person and personality no re-touching is used, what you see of the models is what you get.

Like a singer writes a love song, we also get our inspiration from life events. Emotion is powerful concept to draw ideas, from the upsets in life to a celebration everything is used positively to create contemporary and exciting jewellery and adornment. Diversity and impact are the main focus in our collections whilst still maintaining high standards of quality and durability. We know that fun and quirky designs need not break the bank.

Origin 31 specialises in the design and manufacture of items which push boundaries, utilising a variety of different materials to provide items with the Wow factor such as lacquer, gemstones, leather and velvet. Materials and form should be an opportunity not a restriction. Rather than just pendant and stud earrings why not throw in a velvet choker or a silver hand or ear cuff? Use the curvature of the body to mould the designs. Inspiration comes from an infinite variety of different sources, from relationships, to the natural world or childhood games, anything goes!

Usually the items are produced in sterling silver 925 but if you would like a design in gold or platinum or different gemstones, be it diamonds to turquoise then please just send us an email… anything is possible!

Origin 31 is a fun and approachable place to shop from your initial website hit until items are delivered and worn. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask us and we shall always endeavour to reply to you within 24 hours. We would love to hear from you with your feedback on Origin 31.



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